EPIDAURUS on Croatian National Television

26. 09. 2016.


10th Epidaurus festival in the Cultural News on the Croatian National Television

Another musical moment

25. 09. 2016.


A little bit more from the atmosphere of the 10th EPIDAURUS Festival, this time from the concert "AVE MARIA", with our Italian artists Raffaele Bertolini (clarinet) and Gabriele Pezone (organ), that took place on September 12th in the beautiful Church of Our Lady of the Snow here in Cavtat.

BUKOVAC toujours

23. 09. 2016.


And just before the "grand finale", the last performance of the 10th Epidaurus Festival, here is a bit of the magical atmoshere from the concert of the guitarist Admir Doçi in the Bukovac Museum House on September 22nd! Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday!

22. 09. 2016.




17. 09. 2016.



Tonight's concert will be postponed due to bad weather. The same artists will perform tomorrow at the Cultural centre in Cavtat at 8:30 PM.

Tickling all the senses

14. 09. 2016.



It was a night to tickle both the visual and hearing senses, with the opening of the exhibition of Luce Đuraš followed with the pianno recital in our "Young Talents" series - this year with pianist Nicolasa Bourdonclea. And here are some photos from it all! Enjoy!

A bit of magical atmosphere

13. 09. 2016.


Here are a few video clips, showing just a bit of the spectacular and magical atmoshere from the opening night of the 10th Epidaurus Festival! Enjoy!!

The first photo album is here!

10. 09. 2016.



And while we are preparing a few video clips, the photos from the opening night are here! Be sure to check out the gallery!

Artists of the 10th Epidaurus Festival

08. 08. 2016.


Vrtlar d.o.o. - 10 years with us!

08. 08. 2016.



"Vrtlar" - decorating our stages with flowers and beautiful plants for 10 years! Visit their magic!

The program of the 10th Epidaursu Fetival

03. 08. 2016.



And the long expected final progarm of the 10th Epidaurus Festival is here! You can check it out here, and of course don't forget to save your dates!

The first press announcement...

02. 08. 2016.



The first article in "GlasGrada" announcing the begining of the Epidaurus Festival is out! Read it here (in croatian only!)

The begining is close!

30. 08. 2016.



Gunhild Carling is a Swedish jazz/swing musician and multi-instrumentalist. Carling became known for her 20 July 2010 performance at Allsång på Skansen.The same year she became an expert commentator for Dansbandskampen at SVT. Carling competed as a celebrity dancer in Let s Dance 2014 on TV4 placing third. Among all her worldwide travelings we have an honour to welcome her for the first time in Croatia, at the 10th Epidaurus festival on Sept 9th 2016 at 9PM. Summer stage, Cavtat. Don t miss!! Awesome virtuosity to open the 10th Epidaurus!

A Decade of Arts in Cavtat

29. 08. 2016.



Epidaurus Jubilee - 10 years of concerts, exhibitions, dance, performance, theatre, films, emotions, joys and much more...

Newly gained support




It still can happen that someone simpa "knocks" at your internet door and says: We have published about you, about the Epidaurus Festival on our site and we hope that you look forward to it and that you might like to follow our official website! We are a young team, we have just started and we would like to do something special, tourist guides of this splendid area..."
Such team immediately stands out with confidence and Epidaurus Festival is particularly happy to welcome this new collaboration with creative enthusiasts who are welcome in the ten-years story of our festival .... good luck VidiWorld!

In preparations...




With continuous support of the Hotel Croatia Cavtat.

"Kaptolski Dvori" Zagreb - sponsor of our cultural projects



Kaprolski Dvori

Experience Zagreb in a new way - in a modern ambiance of old houses, built to serve and accommodate needs of a modern society needs, in the magical atmosphere of the Capitol - in a quiet street in the heart of the city, just a short walk away from either pleasant tour to visit the sights or conducting business. Just a few steps away from the beautiful Cathedral in Zagreb! Kaptolski Dvori Zagreb

Epidaurus in press

26. 09. 2015.



Great success of the 9th Epidaurus festival - read more.

A detail from the closing ceremony - the performance "A Ballet Magic"!

25. 09. 2015.



Enjoy a detail from the closing ceremony, "A Ballet Magic" ~ Homage to Olga Solovyeva, with the ballet ensemble of the Art School "Luka Sorkočević"

A Ballet Magic for finale

20. 09. 2015.




Childrens life is like a piece of precious paper on which everyone CAN leave a note. It was surely a great note that the 9th Epidaurus festival wrote tonight - left on parchment, dedicated to the Russian great ballerina who "lived and loved" Cavtat till the end of her life (1974). Olga Solovjeva great desire still lasts... We wish that her... detaljnije

Young Talents

17. 09. 2015.



+Photo Gallery

A Mediterranean Voyage

15. 09. 2015.



+Photo Gallery

Thank you Olga Solovjeva, from us all!

19. 09. 2015.



Childrens life is like a piece of precious paper on which everyone can leave a note. It is surely a great note - left on parchment - from the Platanus agency from Trsteno, from our friend Ivana Penjak Kasavica and from the artistic director of the festival Epidaurus Ivana Marija, whose idea is to honor the wonderful Russian lady ballet, Olga Solovjeva. Epidaurus Festival has every year tirelessly invited children in its programmes. Two days ago... detaljnije


17. 09. 2015.



+photo gallery from the event

It is rare to attend concerts that capture us in the celebration. Concerts which bring along intense glances with the same thought, the same tireless desire for harmony, beauty, understanding, the most exalted fortune which of course is a true joy, true meaning of life and glow guiding star that is called love. Only music can alleviate the human spirit and inspire the most sublime prayers. The intimate conversation in which the heart speaks of the beauty of our weary country that is crying for a smile. Such were the concerts at... read more

The closing ceremony - something completely new!

16. 09. 2015.



Our closing concert brings a new project by the Epidaurus festival. Hommage à Olga Solovjeva with the Ballet Magic. Not to be missed! Poster

To Marusja!

12. 09. 2015.



+Photo Gallery from the event!

Magical Night in Cavtat!

10. 09. 2015.



Opening of the 9th Epidaurus festival with OI DIPNOI
+photos from the event

Marusja is Marusja!

04. 09. 2015.



Marusja is Marusja! No need to talk about her more than this. This painting was dedicated to the artistic director, pianist Ivana M.V. because they were Friends. But, not ordinary friends! They ARE friends! They always will... read more

The Art School "Luka Sorkočević" ~ faithful collaborator and partner of the Epidaurus festival!

04. 09. 2015.



Any of your visits to Dubrovnik should preferably include the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful schools for the Arts in Croatia and further...
The old monastery complex of the Saint Catherine of Siena, located in the area of the three oldest sexteriums of old Dubrovnik, the old church of St. Peter the Great, where today s hall of the Art School is located, and was found by "accident", while the floor of the previous hall was being repaired... this is just one of many curiosities which hide inside the Art School "Luka Sorkočević". Our faithful collaborator and partner of the Epidaurus festival...

The charismatic Oi Dipnoi is opening the 9th Epidaurus!

31. 08. 2015.



OI DIPNOI quintet - “The living Mediterranean”

Dipnoi are living fossils, an order of prehistoric fish that have vestiges of rudimentary lungs: during periods of drought, adapting to the environment, they take refuge in small, moist burrows and can breathe atmospheric oxygen.
The poetics developed by Oi Dipnoi trio were born out of the meeting between tradition and innovation: one enriches the other in a constant dialogue in which the assets of the musical culture of the island are given new value. A heritage inherited from Valerio Cairone, a multi-instrumentalist who collected the melodies of the region... read more

Festival s Kariatides: 9 years with us - a long, inseparable chain! 

31. 08. 2015.



Proud to have such sponsors since the festival s foundation!  ADRIATIC Luxury Hotels ~ Thank you dearly!

9. Epidaurus festival Cavtat Croatia opens with the magics from Sicily

27. 08. 2015.



You can read more about Oi Dipnoi here. Joining them- Antonio Litrico and Stefania Tanteri. Two wonderful dancers that will surely capture us with their magnetism at the opening concert Mediterando with Oi Dipnoi.
For the first time in Cavtat! Not to be missed!

A "MUST SEE" Dubrovnik Jewellery!

27. 08. 2015.



The goldsmiths trade in Dubrovnik is one of the oldest, and certainly the best-known trades. Don t miss this wonderful butiga (shop) in the heart of Dubrovnik with extremely kind personal and beautiful hand made jewellery... detaljnije

IX EPIDAURS Festival almost here!

24. 08. 2015.


But first - Exclusive! We present to you our new design of the official website of the festival.
This is Marusja's flowers around us. These are friendship flowers. Flowers of our marvellous friend, the painter, from Cavtat... She taught us to live upright and to keep our spirits up. A flower to flower... A smile for a smile... Love for love. Thank you Marusia - for all your beautiful "flowers"! You'll live forever in our hearts, thoughts and creations... Your Cavtat, with Thee... read more

The time for magic is now! - 9th EPIDAURUS Festival 09 - 19.09.2015.

23. 08. 2015.


Villa Pattiera with us since the foundation of the festival!

18. 08. 2015.


www.villa-pattiera.hr - Villa Pattiera is the birth place of the world famous opera singer Tino Pattiera (1890 - 1966). He became famous and known around the world as the first tenor of the royal opera house in Dresdenand frequent guest performer at the New York s Metropolitan and all most prestigious opera halls worldwide. Pattiera regularly returned to this house for... read more

Happy New Year 2015!

01. 01. 2015.


Read the greeting card from the artistic director of Epidaurus Festival. With warmest wishes for 2015!read more...

Interview in www.DuList.hr

30. 10. 2014


The artistic director of the Epidaurus Festival, Ivana Marjia Vidovic, spoke with Croatian "DuList" read more (interview in Croatian)...

Epidaurus Festivan on DuTv

14. 10. 2014