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It would be an almost impossible task if I were to try adding anything at all to this magical and unrivaled scenery, a special stage of its own with a pristine aura composed of stone century-old pine-trees, the sky and the christal-clear sea. Adding to it I would certainly dare not try. But loving it? Oh, yes. For anything becomes truly beautiful only when it is loved. It would be impossible to make our magnificent Konavle and ancient Epidaurum even more magnificent, for they already echo the eternal symphony, the ode to joy of nature that in this corner of the globe gives and receives love in a never ending cycle. Our task is a difficult one: we are to add more beauty to beauty, and more virtue to virtue. And we are to try and create a symbiosis out of which can spring ever anew our belief and endeavor to living with arts. To be sure, this does not necessarily prescribe a mandate. Rather, living with arts means living fully, and thus certainly something to embed within our existing lifestyles. My wish is that every sound produced at Epidaurus Festival would merge with Cavtat's magical hug, and that every word, every verse, whether sung or spoken, would, for centuries to come, continue to echo throughout its old streets, the very same ones that -- within and of themselves -- had been a stage for centuries already.

Ivana Marija Vidović
Artistic director of the Epidaurus festival

Ivana Marija Vidović
ivana marija vidovićArtistic director

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Franica Vidović - Krampus
franica vidović krampusAdviser & Assistent to Director


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Frano Herendija
Adviser & Member of the Board


Ivan Lenert
ivan lenertTechnical Director


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Ante Tonći Đurković
ante tonćiartistes' care and assistent to technical Director

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