It is rare to attend concerts that capture us in the celebration. Concerts which bring along intense glances with the same thought, the same tireless desire for harmony, beauty, understanding, the most exalted fortune which of course is a true joy, true meaning of life and glow guiding star that is called love. Only music can alleviate the human spirit and inspire the most sublime prayers. The intimate conversation in which the heart speaks of the beauty of our weary country that is crying for a smile. Such were the concerts at the 9. Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat in the church of Our Lady of the snow in the name of Mary on September 12, but also a concert on September 14th, an International meeting and “embrace” of the great musicians, colleagues and friends of the Dubrovnik pianist and poet Ivana Marija Vidovic. The concert on September 12th was performed by our renowned mezzo-soprano, primadonna Diana Hilje with an intimate, peaceful sublime musical expression to that loud scream soul crying for heavenly peace. Diana Hilje was accompanied by the skilled Margit Cetinić on the organ, a longtime professor of music in Dubrovnik with a great gift for chamber music. The concert was a real mental and soul ceremony a great success. Audience was extremely touched and asked tirelessly for more musical “kisses”.

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