Cavtat again in the selection for European Best Destinations!

26. 01. 2021.


This year, the portal European Best Destination is once again holding a competition for the best European destination, and Cavtat was among the 20 selected destinations! In 2019, Cavtat finished in the TOP 10 destinations among the strong competition. The competition is no weaker this year either - the list of the best includes the Canary Islands, Cappadocia, Capri, Florence, Braga, as well as Vienna, Paris and Rome.

How to vote? Voting is extremely simple, just click on the page and just a few seconds of your time to choose Cavtat among the offered destinations and enter your name and email address. No additional registration is required on the site. Voting lasts for three weeks, from January 20 to February 10, and everyone can vote for Cavtat, a place where living is a pleasure! You can vote from the same IP address only once a week, meaning a total of twice during the competition.

In addition to being on the list of the best European destinations that should definitely be visited, Cavtat in 2020 and 2021 was on the list of the safest destinations chosen by the European Best Destinations portal.

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18. 09. 2020.

XIV Epidaurus Festival 2020 Pattiera about the opening of the 14th EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL in Cavtat

04. 09. 2020.

XIV Epidaurus Festival 2020 Pattiera

Program of the 14th Epidaurus Festival 2020

02. 09. 2020.

XIV Epidaurus Festival 2020

International Festival Of Music and Arts

Program of the 14th Epidaurus Festival 2020 announced here


We kindly thank to all our donators, sponsors, performers and audiences.

Happy 130th birthday, to our great tenor Tino Pattiera!

28. 06. 2020.


Sretan 130 rođendan, Tino naš!
Zar ne znate, kakav glas imate?
Imate zlato u grlu! Vidjet ćete, nećete postati barito, nego tenor s baritonskim, zlatnim timbrom!

Happy 130th birthday, to our great tenor Tino Pattiera!
Don't you know what voice do you have?
Not really!
You have gold in your throat boy! You will see, you will not become a baritone but a tenor with a baritone, golden timbre!

Tino Pattiera Tino Pattiera

29. 09. 2019.

XIII Epidaurus Festival


VIDEO Gala koncertom završio trinaesti Epidarus festival

VIDEO/OTVOREN 13. EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL Vrijeme kad Cavtat živi s umjetnošću

28. 09. 2019.

XIII Epidaurus Festival


27. 09. 2019.

XIII Epidaurus Festival


Konavoski dvori - an oasis of peace, beauty, beautiful nature, kindness and superb delicacies.
With gratitude,
Yours Epidaurus Festival - Cavtat

XIII Epidaurus Festival

21. 09. 2019.


Closing gala concert
22.09. Nedjelja/Sunday
20h / 8pm
Dom kulture Cavtat / Cultural Centre, Cavtat
Croazzolla Concertante (Hrvatska /Croatia)
Ferdinando Redavid , klarinet/clarinet (Italija /Italy)
Frano Kakarigi, kontrabas / double bass (Croatia/Spain)
Ivana Marija Vidović, klavir/piano (Hrvatska / Croatia)

XIII Epidaurus Festival

20. 09. 2019.


Rembrandt IN Cavtat, 21.09. :

XIII Epidaurus Festival

20. 09. 2019.


Petak: Koncert NA SCENI - InScena Facebook event page

XIII Epidaurus Festival

17. 09. 2019.


Nex concert: Romantični SAN /A romantic dream Facebook event page

XIII Epidaurus Festival

16. 09. 2019.


Tonight: Carolija VIOLINE/The Magic Fiddle. Facebook event page

XIII Epidaurus Festival

15. 09. 2019.


Koncerti u Kući Bukovac koji su najavljeni za 15.09. i 21.09. održat će se u Domu kulture u Cavtatu!
Hvala na razumijevanju, Ef.

An important notice
Concerts that have been announced for the Bukovac House scheduled on Sept 15th & 21st will be held at the Cavtat's Cultural Centre!
Thanks for your understanding, Ef.
Facebook event page

In CriticaClassica

12. 09. 2019.


"Venerdì 13 settembre il duo Sarnelli de Sylva-Scibilia ospite in Croazia del XIII “Epidaurus Festival” di Cavtat | criticaclassica"

XIII Epidaurus Festival

12. 09. 2019.


One can't blame the Neapolitan for never wanting to leave his city, nor its poets singing its praises in lofty hyperboles: but you can never blame anyone who sings beautiful Neapolitan songs over and over...see you in Cavtat!
Ne propustite! Do not miss!
Friday/13/09 at 20h!
Facebook event page

A music and theatre spectacle opens the 13th EPIDAURUS Festival

11. 09. 2019.


Enjoy our photo gallery from the 13th opening - Clara Schumann and her 200 years
Foto: Hrvoje Đurković i Zvonimir Pandža/DULIST

EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL A time when Cavtat lives with art (by Zvonimir Pandža/DULIST)

11. 09. 2019.


Originally published on

XIII Epidaurus Festival

10. 09. 2019.


Artistic Director of the Epidaurus festival, pianist Ivana Marija Vidović as a Guest to an one-hour, enjoyable talk about Epidaurus Festival and art&culture in can listen here but firstly learn some Croatian:-) Visit to listen!

XIII Epidaurus Festival

09. 09. 2019.


Opening of the 13th Epidaurus festival
Facebook event page

XIII Epidaurus Festival

05. 09. 2019.


The 13th Epidaurus Festival Cavtat with a play dedicated to the composer Clara Schumann interpreted by an actress Ksenia Prohaska will be held at the Cavtat Culture Centre and not on the summer stage on Tuesday, September 10 starting at 8.30pm! Thank you for your understanding. Welcome! Press Ef.


01. 09. 2019.


XIII Epidaurus Festival

The program of the 13th Epidaurus Festival Cavtat has just been announced. Read ithere.

Cultural collaborations and cooperations

30. 08. 2019.


Cavtat Epidaurus Festival's in collaborations and production networks with two European festivals in Italy based on cultural cooperation:

InScena Association

Concerti Sorrento Società

Budapest wins 1st and Cavtat 8th place!

06. 02. 2019.


'Breathtakingly splendid Cavtat is a real gem!' Budapest wins 1st and Cavtat 8th place in a very turbulent competition for the 'European Best Destination 2019'! Thank you all for giving your precious vote! Welcome to our beautiful Cavtat - welcome to our Epidaurus Festival 's new edition in September 2019!

Best European Destinations

25. 01. 2019.


Glasajte ovdje s nama kako bi Cavtat dobio nominaciju najbolje europske destinacije u 2019.! Hvala za podršku!

Vote here with us to get Cavtat the best European destination nomination in 2019! Thanks for your support!

Happy 2019 from Epidaurus Festival!

01. 01. 2019.


Epidaurus festival team želi svima Sretnu novu godinu 2019.!
Hvala svim umjetnicima koji su nas pohodili i obogatili svojim kreacijama, hvala vjernoj publici, hvala svim suradnicima, sponzorima, donatorima i svima koji su na bilo koji način doprinjeli realizaciji 12.edicije festivala !

Thanks to all artists who have visited us and enriched us with their creations, thanks to our faithful audience, thanks to all our associates, sponsors, donors and anyone who contributed in any way to the realization of the 12th Epidaurus festival!

In media

01. 10. 2018.


28. 09. 2018.


XII Epidaurus festival comes to an end

28. 09. 2018.



Thank you!

24. 09. 2018.


Thanks to ALL of you who have contributed to an amazing event at Bukovac House last night! You have risen us up and gave us an enormous satisfaction! Thank you Nena for all your creativity and we wish you much of success to follow! Thanks to all Luka Sorkocevic Art School's talented students for their beautiful and touching performances of Nena's opus! Thanks to numerous and very friendly audience.

Concerts@Bukovac House Portrait of the composer - Nena Ćorak

20. 09. 2018.



19. 09. 2018.


Claude Debussy, Clair de lune @ Epidaurus Festival

17. 09. 2018.


FOR ALL OF YOU who could not be with us on 12th September in beautiful Moonlighting Cavtat!
Claude Debussy: Clair de lune; Ivana Marija Vidovic & Vesna Miletic
Piano duo Fantasia, piano 2&4hands
Debussy's Centennial 1918 - 2018
Live unprofessional recording Cultural News

15. 09. 2018.


12. Epidaurus festival on Cultural News

15. 09. 2018.


15. 09. 2018.


15. 09. 2018.


14. 09. 2018.


11. 09. 2018.


The Opening Concert in Pictures

07. 09. 2018.


Visit the Gallery from the Opening Concert!

Dubrovnik INsider Interview

06. 09. 2018.



06. 09. 2018.


The Program

01. 09. 2018.


A new, twelfth edition of the Epidaurus Festival, with exceptional roster of artists, will bring a lot of wonderful music, concerts and performances! You can read the full program list here!

The New Edition of EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL is Ready!

27. 08. 2018.


The Magician of Jazz Accordion in Cavtat

A new, twelfth edition of the Epidaurus Festival will start with the sunset of one of the first days of September… starting at 8pm on Friday September 7th, on the Summerstage in Cavtat the journey will begin with the magician of the Jazz Accordion - Renzo Ruggeri! With this kind of a beginning be sure to expect a lot of surprises, that will follow until September 29th! Read Full Announcement (in Croatian)

Almost time!

23. 08. 2018.



The twelfth edition of the Epidaurus Festival Cavtat will soon surprise you with its unique and irresistible...
Mark at your calendars: the evening of September 7th - direction: Summerstage at 8pm in Cavtat, with its most majestic sunset!
Something extremely special!
Surprise, surprise...
more info very soon!
Thank you!

Caruana’s Abandoneado

03. 02. 2018.



The new music on our website is titled Abandoneado and it is composed by our colleague and dear friend Luis Caruana, an Argentine bandoneonist, aranger and composer.
Enjoy TANGOing Cavtat!

Epidaurus on

28. 01. 2018.



Read a nice article on about Epidaurs Fesitval!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

26. 12. 2017.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All our 11 openings! We would like to express how much joy you ALL have given us, and we wish for your joy and happiness in return. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Yours, Epidaurus Festival


06. 10. 2017.



Take a look at the photo gallery from the wonderful Hommage à TINO PATTIERA - GJORGJI ČUČKOVSKI & ANDREJ NAUNOV

Photo: Hrvoje Durkovic


04. 10. 2017.



Take a look at the photo gallery from the wonderful piano recital "FROM MOZART TO GERSHWIN" of ELOISA CASCIO (Italy)

Photo: Hrvoje Durkovic


01. 10. 2017.


Enjoy our photos from the fabulous evening of the Argentine tango workshop - WORKSHOPing TANGO IN CAVTAT

Photo: Hrvoje Durkovic & Marijke Brekelmans


EPIDAURUS festival @the restaurant KONAVOSKI dvori

29. 09. 2017.


Epidaurus festival is immensely thankful for all the beautiful moments, hospitality, ambiance, delicacies and all the delights with which restaurant KONAVOSKI Dvori keeps on supporting the festival, arts and artists year after year! Until the next time!

Yours, Epidaurus festival and its Artists

Konavoski Dvori Website


Interview of the Week, in Glas Grada

26. 09. 2017.



Read the latest interview with the pianist and the Artistic Director of the Epidaurus Festival Ivana Marija Vidović: in the "Intervju Tjedna 15.09.2017. GlasGrada - br.652" (Only available in Croatian)

22. 09. 2017.


Important info: because of unexpectedly cold weather the tonight play to close the 11th Epidaurus Festival will be held at 8pm in Cultural centre in Cavtat.


06. 09. 2017.


Video invitation to our Tango-Weekend Opening of the 11th festival

05. 09. 2017.


TANGO WEEKEND IN CAVTAT, 08.09. - 09.09.2017

30. 08. 2017.



Friday, 08.09. at 21h Summer stage Cavtat Opening Night of the 11th Epidaurus Festival
Saturday, 09.09. at 20h Dom kulture/Cultural Centre: Workshop for Tango Argentino with an open rehearsal, free for anyone to dance and listen!



Pablo Covacevich, gitara/guitar (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
Luis Caruana, bandoneon (Buenos Aires) 
Giovanni Mattaliano , klarinet/clarinet (Sicilia/Italy)
Ivana Marija Vidović, klavir/piano (Dubrovnik/Croatia) 
Dance: Rafael Ramirez (Buenos Aires), Nastasia Stupnicki (Vienna/Austria), Marijke Brekelmans & Ronald Drenten (Amsterdam/Holland)

Sing first, think later!
                        Artistic director: Ivana Marija Vidovic

Epidaurus festival‘s board meets the editorial staff of the Petit Futé

07. 03. 2017.



The mutual promotion has been agreed in order to connect culture and tourism which is the mission of both projects.
Few information about Petit Futé:
- 40 Years old worldwide guidebook publisher from France
- Petit Futé means "Small Smart Traveler"
For more info or to purchuase your own guidebook to any corner of the world visit:

EPIDAURUS on Croatian National Television

26. 09. 2016.


10th Epidaurus festival in the Cultural News on the Croatian National Television

Another musical moment

25. 09. 2016.


A little bit more from the atmosphere of the 10th EPIDAURUS Festival, this time from the concert "AVE MARIA", with our Italian artists Raffaele Bertolini (clarinet) and Gabriele Pezone (organ), that took place on September 12th in the beautiful Church of Our Lady of the Snow here in Cavtat.

BUKOVAC toujours

23. 09. 2016.


And just before the "grand finale", the last performance of the 10th Epidaurus Festival, here is a bit of the magical atmoshere from the concert of the guitarist Admir Doçi in the Bukovac Museum House on September 22nd! Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday!

22. 09. 2016.




17. 09. 2016.



Tonight's concert will be postponed due to bad weather. The same artists will perform tomorrow at the Cultural centre in Cavtat at 8:30 PM.

Tickling all the senses

14. 09. 2016.



It was a night to tickle both the visual and hearing senses, with the opening of the exhibition of Luce Đuraš followed with the pianno recital in our "Young Talents" series - this year with pianist Nicolasa Bourdonclea. And here are some photos from it all! Enjoy!

A bit of magical atmosphere

13. 09. 2016.


Here are a few video clips, showing just a bit of the spectacular and magical atmoshere from the opening night of the 10th Epidaurus Festival! Enjoy!!

The first photo album is here!

10. 09. 2016.



And while we are preparing a few video clips, the photos from the opening night are here! Be sure to check out the gallery!

Artists of the 10th Epidaurus Festival

08. 08. 2016.


Vrtlar d.o.o. - 10 years with us!

08. 08. 2016.



"Vrtlar" - decorating our stages with flowers and beautiful plants for 10 years! Visit their magic!

The program of the 10th Epidaursu Fetival

03. 08. 2016.



And the long expected final progarm of the 10th Epidaurus Festival is here! You can check it out here, and of course don't forget to save your dates!

The first press announcement...

02. 08. 2016.



The first article in "GlasGrada" announcing the begining of the Epidaurus Festival is out! Read it here (in croatian only!)

The begining is close!

30. 08. 2016.



Gunhild Carling is a Swedish jazz/swing musician and multi-instrumentalist. Carling became known for her 20 July 2010 performance at Allsång på Skansen.The same year she became an expert commentator for Dansbandskampen at SVT. Carling competed as a celebrity dancer in Let s Dance 2014 on TV4 placing third. Among all her worldwide travelings we have an honour to welcome her for the first time in Croatia, at the 10th Epidaurus festival on Sept 9th 2016 at 9PM. Summer stage, Cavtat. Don t miss!! Awesome virtuosity to open the 10th Epidaurus!

A Decade of Arts in Cavtat

29. 08. 2016.



Epidaurus Jubilee - 10 years of concerts, exhibitions, dance, performance, theatre, films, emotions, joys and much more...

Newly gained support




It still can happen that someone simpa "knocks" at your internet door and says: We have published about you, about the Epidaurus Festival on our site and we hope that you look forward to it and that you might like to follow our official website! We are a young team, we have just started and we would like to do something special, tourist guides of this splendid area..."
Such team immediately stands out with confidence and Epidaurus Festival is particularly happy to welcome this new collaboration with creative enthusiasts who are welcome in the ten-years story of our festival .... good luck VidiWorld!

In preparations...




With continuous support of the Hotel Croatia Cavtat.